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Please contact us via email (, SNS, and the contact form to make an appointment. We also welcome a tour of the workshop so please feel free to contact us.


Taking foot measurement / Discussion of shoe design

At the workshop, we take measurement of your foot, and have a discussion about shoe design, materials and specifications.



We send you an order sheet via email that summarizes the contents of the discussion as well as payment link. You can choose the payment method from bank transfer, credit card, and cash.


Handing over trial shoes

At the workshop, we hand over trial shoes, which are simply made to check the fitting and design, and check the fitting and design.
In addition, in order to check the change in fitting during the wearing, please take the trial shoes home and wear them several times.


Final fitting check

After wearing the trial shoes several times, we ask you to visit the workshop again to hear about the condition of your feet and check the condition of trial shoes.


Delivery of finished shoes

The finished shoes to be handed over at the workshop.
We accept repair such as toe reinforcement, top lift replacement, half rubber installation and replacement, all sole repair, etc. as a paid after-sales support.